Volunteer With Us

Volunteer Opportunities for Cambridge, Ontario

Cambridge Homeless Cat Rescue is a volunteer run organization.  Without our wonderful volunteers we simply wouldn’t be able to do what we do.  No matter what skill, if you love cats,  we need you!  Below outlines the current volunteer positions we have and a bit about what roll entails.


We are a work in progress and growing. Come Grow With Us!

Cat Trap


Anyone wishing to trap is welcome!  Full training is provided on how to use our traps.


  • Have a vehicle
  • Available stay with the traps to monitor when cat is trapped
  • Able to drop off trapped cat or retain till morning and then drop off

Fostering Kittens and Cats

Foster Homes

We are looking for foster homes that are willing to foster cats, kittens, a pregnant mom with kittens or bottle fed kittens.  If you want to foster but haven’t fostered before we will provide full training.

Our cats will be fully vetted, inoculated and held for a 14 day quarantine prior to being put in your care.