About Us

Cambridge Homeless Cat Rescue

We were founded by dedicated, cat loving people.  With many years of experience with volunteering with other rescues we have come together with a great and vast range of experiences.  From cat trapping and cat care, to fostering and bottle feeding babies, to adoption experience and even fund raising and online marketing skills.


We recognized a need right in the Cambridge area for trapping and TNR for the vast number of feral cats living on the streets to help reduce and eventually remove them from existence, like what has been done with stray dogs.


We also recognize that these cats also are comprised of pet cats that have somehow ended up living on the street from either escaping or being dumped outside.  These cats, that are rescued and social will enter our foster home program and an attempt to find the original owner will be made, if none is found they will become a part of our adoption program.


Our long term goal is to become a valuable resource for not just our community but other communities in need of help on how to do what we do, how to trap, how to rescue, how to manage foster homes and adoptions and more.


Sue Parsons has nearly a decade's worth of experience in cat rescue. This includes trapping, fostering, training of new volunteers, post-adoption counsellor, adoption screener and event planning. Sue’s speciality is caring for neonatal kittens and socializing feral cats. Sue also brings with her over 15 years experience in the healthcare industry including as a project manager for a medical scribe company and has worked for hospitals all over the world.


Kerstin Hutchinson has over six years experience in cat rescue. This experience includes managing a team of volunteers caring for cats in pet stores. She is also an adoption counsellor and a social media and website contributor and a jack of all trades, filling in wherever needed. She brings business experience and a background in internet marketing along with her passion for helping cats. She resides with her husband and 3 supurrvisors and newest supurrvisor Charlie (aka. Chonk one of the first kittens rescued).


Danna Ferrarese is new to the world of cat rescue, but is happy to be volunteering her time to help with fundraising, finding auction and donation items and other initiatives that help keep the CHCR up and running. Danna works full time in the private sector and enjoys spending her free time gardening, being in nature and volunteering with causes close to her heart. Danna has 2 cats and can't wait to add a new fur family member in the near future.